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Our name dobreprogramy means goodsoftware.

We are the largest and most recognized Polish website dedicated to the broad topic of new technologies. We specialize in software for all kinds of users, devices and developers. We have an extremely carefully selected catalog of applications, industry news, technical articles, hardware tests, demonstrations, presentations and videos from the world of new technologies. We are an independent and opinion-making publisher, we enjoy high reputation and efficiency in delivering IT-related content. We have created an acknowledged space with knowledge and resources for all kinds of computer users.

We reach 6 million unique visitors a month, generating almost 20 million page views. According to the industry survey Megapanel implemented by PBI / Gemius we are the undisputed leader in the category "New technologies" and one of the largest Polish websites in the general statement.

From the beginning we propagate the idea of legal software and respect for intellectual property. We have created our application catalog in such a way that each category has samples of both free and affordable and fully professional solutions for every budget. All applications described and shared with us have a clearly marked license and the scope of their use. Examples of the most popular licenses are free, non-commercial or paid programs that are most commonly available for download in demo versions.

Apart from the catalog of apps and the publicity section, our readers create a large and very vibrant community. We invite everyone to comment on our publications, write reviews of our content, help others, participate in discussions on our forums and even create your own blog in our community section. Tens of thousands of active users share our passion for technology. Once a year, the most active members and key influencers are invited for a very special event called HotZlot.


We do not serve invasive, intrusive or misleading ads as these make it more difficult for users to enjoy our content. This is why the performance of our standard advertising forms is way above average. We offer the ability to serve different types of creatives - not only standard forms such as Wideboards or Halfpages but also non-standard placements such as our above-average effective forms served during the download process.

We participate in Google AdX, we handle many of our advertisers directly, we pitch new ideas for content marketing, social activities and other ways to engage with our readers and influencers. We work with top IT brands. Please feel free to contact us and let us help you get creative with Internet advertising!

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