Google Code-In Task for BRL-CAD

My first task in Google Code In was to download and launch the BRL-CAD program and then draw something. Installation was quick and efficient, no problems (version for non-coders). The task was to draw something from various programs (specifically, Archer). It is located in the bin file as the archer.exe file. After clicking, the program will start. However, behind him I could draw anything, I had to learn how the interface works. The tabbed tab is clear, so I quickly understood what is going on and how to use the tools. All I had to do was click on File, then Open and search for a db folder with .g files. Then I chose the file "castle.g", after clicking on the left panel "tree" appeared options with the appropriate solids (pyramid, tower, wall, short wall and iron trellis). I chose the towers, I set the camera accordingly. Then I added a wall, formed in the same place as the tower, so I had to move it. I made the right frame and pressed the Raytrace tab -> rt and Windows Size. Let me finish my task, I had to write my name in the Archer console. Then I took a screenshot of the whole (the console with the name and the rendered image), threw the link to the photo and gave the task to check.

The answer from one of the mentors was fast (which surprised me, I thought it would last longer) and positive. Thanks to this, I already had my first task behind, and I could take on the next task for beginners.

Setting the frame to the screen shot turned out to be a big problem for me. I am not used to graphic editors (especially in 3D) and it was difficult to turn the whole scene. Often the whole picture was crooked, bent. I needed a few minutes to understand how to move the mouse on the stage. This crooked image looked more or less like the picture below.

It was an interesting experience. I never created anything in 3D graphics, and thanks to Archer, creating simple models (such as a small castle, a pair of pyramids or an hourglass) turned out to be very simple and pleasant. And the files with lumps are many, which gives many possibilities.

As you can see the task was simple (almost trivial), but ideal for beginners. Thanks to it, we will be introduced to Google Code In. After such tasks you know how to accept, fulfill and delegate individual tasks from various organizations. Additionally, thanks to mentors, all ambiguities, problems and doubts are resolved by the creators and mentors themselves, thanks to which we can be sure that we are fulfilling the task correctly.

I recommend getting interested in Google Code In. You can do many tasks, from simple ones, such as those I wrote about, to difficult tasks. From programming, writing and drawing to designing and searching for information. What's more, the experience you collect (even with such a simple task, as it is described) will be useful to you once. Google Code In:

The entry was made as part of one of the Google Code In tasks for BRL-CAD